• Aura 30 cm Teardrop Vase

Aura 30 cm Teardrop Vase

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Our products, which were shaped and finalized by our artist with the work of different color combinations, which we call special relief in the art of tiles, came to life with the dance of the flowers blooming in the fire and presented to you.

Product Detail and Instructions for Use:

It is first class ceramic and 100% handmade.

The cooking temperature of the product is between 900-1200 degrees Celsius.

Since the colors on the product are made using the glazing technique, there is no deterioration in the colors.

You can use the product for decorative purposes in your living spaces.

Cleaning Suggestion
Cleaning Suggestion Can only be wiped with cloth
Color Very Colorful
Height 30 cm
Materiel Tile
Pattern Flowering
Product Tear Vase
Style Custom Design

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